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Barasa Khanda Benson - School of Business, Department of Accounting and Finance, Kenyatta University, Kenya

Dr. Ambrose Jagongo - School of Business, Department of Accounting and Finance, Kenyatta University, Kenya


Operations management is the administration of business practices aimed at ensuring maximum efficiency within a business, which in turn helps to improve the firm’s performance and profitability. According to Amit Kothari, (2016), it involves resources from staff, materials, equipment, and technology, converting these inputs into efficient and effective outputs on both day-to-day and strategic levels within an organization. The Kenyan sugar sector has had many perennial challenges. Despite the governments’ efforts to revive the sector and help it stabilize, the efforts have not borne any fruits. Many hypothesis have been raised, about the factors that have contributed to the state of the sugar sector in the country. Among them is the implementation of operational management. This is what necessitated this study. This study aims to analyze the factors influencing of the operational management practices in the public sugar sector in Kenya. These factors include of employee competence, availability of functional infrastructure and operation environment and framework. The study will be carried out in all public sugar cane companies in Kenya. The population of the study will include all departments of Mumias Sugar Company, the researcher will carry out a simple random selection of the respondents from all the 8 departments of the company. Both primary and secondary data will be used in the study. The research study will use a questionnaire as a key instrument for primary data collection due to convenience and reference. Secondary data will include online data, information collected by company agricultural authority, government archive, department records and publications made. The data will be analyzed using SPSS and presented in tables and charts.

Full Length Research (PDF Format)